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 #   Tree Name   Description   Individuals   Families   Sources 
1 Boatright-Persky-Charles Boatright-Persky-Charles Families of Texas 1,574 575 4 
2 Korp Family Records of the family of Jordan (John) Korp of Sweden, Worcester, and McKeesport 306 115 1 
3 Lisle Family of Franklin County, Ohio Records of the family of John Lisle of Franklin Co., OH, and his family and descendants and allied families. 2,923 1,055 10 
4 Miethe and Ochs families of Boston and Germany Genealogy of the ancestors and family of Bernard Joseph Miethe of Dorchester and allied families associated with the German Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church in Boston. The Miethes were orginally from Brochterbeck in Westfalen, Germany. The Ochs were originally from Spessart in Baden. Allied families were Kraft, Wellbrock, Kamp, and others. 1,044 337 10 
5 Ridsdale Family Records of the family of Ernest Lake Ridsdale of Yorkshire, Pittsburgh, and New York 1,338 415 0